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The state of Maryland observes and respects the Second Amendment. That said, there are still various rules and regulations in place regarding the possession, use, and ownership of firearms in Maryland. If you are caught violating those laws, you can expect to face a wide array of very harsh penalties. Please continue reading and reach out to our Maryland criminal defense attorney to learn more about the gun laws in Maryland and how we can help if you’ve been accused of violating them.

Basic Gun Laws in Maryland

To start, you should understand that Maryland has various rules in place when it comes to rifles and handguns. While assault rifles, semi-automatic rifles, and large-capacity magazines were banned in 2013, Maryland residents are not required to have a purchase permit, or a license to carry or own a long gun, such as a rifle or shotgun. Handguns are considered regulated firearms, meaning handgun owners must be licensed, have a permit to purchase, and have a permit to carry. Every handgun must also be registered. If you are caught in possession of any prohibited firearm in Maryland, you can expect to face very harsh penalties.

Who is allowed to own a firearm in Maryland?

Not everyone is allowed to own a firearm in Maryland. Maryland restricts the availability of firearms to certain individuals in an effort to ensure the safety of its residents. Some of the people who are not allowed to own, purchase, or possess firearms in Maryland are as follows:

  • Convicted felons
  • Fugitives
  • Those convicted of violent crimes
  • Anyone under the age of 21
  • Habitual drug users/drunkards
  • Anyone who has spent 30 days or more in a mental institution

What are some of the consequences of gun crimes in Maryland?

If you receive unlawful possession or unlawful carry charges in Maryland, you can face misdemeanor charges that may warrant a period of incarceration and high fines. Additionally, you will develop a criminal record, which can make your life far more challenging for years down the road.

You should also note that if you use a firearm while committing another crime, you can expect to face upgraded charges. For example, a second-degree assault charge will most likely be upgraded to first-degree assault if it is found that the person used a firearm while committing the assault. Additionally, if someone uses a firearm during a robbery, their robbery charge may become an armed robbery charge, which comes with even harsher penalties. You may also be facing a mandatory period of incarceration without the possibility of parole for certain gun charges. If you are facing gun charges of any kind, you need an experienced Maryland criminal defense attorney on your side.

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