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Annapolis Gun Crimes Lawyer

Your second amendment rights are very important to you and our firm. Following the law is as well. Whether people possess weapons for home/personal defense or as a hobby, it is important that they possess their firearms in accordance with state laws. It is also essential that gun owners understand the serious consequences of violating firearms laws. If you have been charged with a gun crime or have had your permit request denied, you can rely on the legal services of the Law Offices of Debra A. Saltz to represent your interests. Contact the Law Offices of Debra A. Saltz today to discuss your case.

Gun Laws in Maryland

Firearms laws in Maryland are complex. There is a major difference in the way that the state views handguns from the way they view long guns, which include rifles and shotguns. As far as long guns go, residents do not need a purchase permit and they do not need to register these weapons. Residents also do not need a license to own or carry a rifle or a shotgun.

Handguns are handled differently, as they are considered “regulated firearms.” This simply means that handgun owners need a license, a permit to purchase, a permit to carry, and must register their handgun. It is challenging for a private citizen to obtain a handgun carry permit.

Who is not permitted to possess a firearm?

The state of Maryland bars certain individuals from owning or possessing any type of “regulated firearm”, including handguns. Those who are not permitted to possess firearms include the following:

  • Fugitives
  • Convicted felons
  • Persons who have been convicted of violent crimes
  • Habitual users
  • Habitual drunkards
  • People under the age of 21
  • Individuals who have spent 30 days or more in a mental institution

In 2013, the state of Maryland banned assault rifles, semi-automatic rifles, and large capacity magazines. If a person is convicted for unlawfully possessing a firearm, they may face serious consequences, including jail time and thousands of dollars in fines. Of course, the penalties increase in severity when a person who is barred from owning a firearm has one in their possession.

Unlawful Carry

Most residents in Maryland are not permitted to carry a firearm unless the court determines they have a valid reason to do so. Typically, those who work in law enforcement and security are permitted to carry. Maryland is a “may issue” state, so they do take individual cases into consideration. If you are charged with illegally carrying a handgun, you can face a misdemeanor, jail time, and serious fines. Second and subsequent offenders may face 10 years or more in jail.

Firearms and Other Crimes

If you are found to use a gun while committing a violent crime, the consequences are as serious as they get. You may face decades in prison. The use or possession of a firearm during a crime can upgrade the crime and add years to your sentence. Some examples include:

  • Simple assaults can be upgraded to aggravated assaults
  • Robbery can be upgraded to armed robbery

Gun Permit Denials

If you believe that you were wrongfully denied a gun permit in Maryland, you can rely on the services of the Law Offices of Debra A. Saltz. Our firm is well versed in these laws and can make sure your second amendment rights are not being violated. We understand how important personal defense is for many people and are here to help.

Contact the Law Offices of Debra A. Saltz

If you are facing legal issues in regards to firearms, whether facing gun charges or your permit was denied, contact the Law Offices of Debra A. Saltz. It is critical that you retain the services of an experienced attorney who can represent your interests each step of the way. Give the Law Offices of Debra A. Saltz a call today to see how we can help.

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