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It’s no secret that not all relationships will work out. While some end amicably, other breakups can be very tense. Unfortunately, some scorned partners may even go so far as to make false allegations of domestic abuse. This heinous crime is taken very seriously. However, when falsely accused of domestic violence, you may have no idea how to proceed. The following blog can help you discover what you must do during these challenging times and why you need an Anne Arundel and Howard County domestic violence lawyer to help fight these charges.

How Can I Clear My Name if Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence?

Being falsely accused of domestic violence can flip your entire world upside down. Not only can you lose your job, but you may also lose custody of your children. However, the most significant impact can be that you may be arrested. This shows up on your record and a conviction can result in a jail sentence.

If arrested for an alleged domestic violence incident, it is in your best interest to remain as calm as possible. While you are likely upset, hurt, and betrayed by these accusations, getting angry or resisting arrest will only perpetuate and add validity to the claims against you.

Aside from remaining calm, you should also avoid speaking to the police. Unfortunately, many believe staying silent will make the police think they are guilty and accidentally incriminate themselves for a crime they had no part in. However, it is your Constitutional right to remain silent while speaking to the police. You should ask for an attorney, however.

In the event you are released on bail, it’s imperative to stay far away from your accuser. Do not contact them, even if you want to speak to them. Unfortunately, calling, texting, or showing up at their home or place of employment may make it seem like you are trying to intimidate them. Similarly, these can cause more accusations to arise. Instead, let your attorney handle any communication.

When charged with domestic violence, you must contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. This is a severe offense, so letting a competent lawyer handle these legal issues is essential to receiving the justice you deserve. At the Law Offices of Debra A. Saltz, our dedicated legal team will do everything possible to help you clear your name. Contact us today to learn how we will fight for you.

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