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Annapolis Juvenile Crimes lawyer

In the state of Maryland, individuals who are under the age of 18 are considered minors. Minors are treated differently than adults when they commit crimes. Anyone who breaks the law under the age of 18 is considered a juvenile delinquent by the state of Maryland. If your child has been charged as a juvenile delinquent in the state of Maryland, it is critical that you retain the services of our experienced Annapolis Juvenile Crimes attorney. With so much of your child’s future at stake, experience, skill, and tenacity matter. Contact the Law Office of Debra A. Saltz today to discuss your situation.

What is a Juvenile Crime?

Children make mistakes and sometimes, those mistakes can result in an arrest. A juvenile crime is an offense that is committed by a child who is under the age of 18. These matters are handled in juvenile court instead of in the adult criminal court. The juvenile court aims to address the causes of misconduct to ensure that the child does not have a future of committing crimes. In many situations, juveniles who have been arrested may be informally supervised by the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services or the police.

What Happens After a Juvenile is Arrested?

When a juvenile is arrested, it is important for parents to try and retain legal counsel that can effectively represent their child during the juvenile proceedings. If the family does not hire an attorney for the juvenile, one will be provided by the Office of the Public Defender. If the law enforcement officers or the court believes that the child may be a danger to either himself or the public, or there is a chance they will not appear in court, they can be placed in detention upon being arrested. Within 30-60 days after the arrest is made, the court will hold a fact-finding hearing, which is similar to a trial. This is known as the adjudication hearing, where the child’s attorney will be able to defend his or her case.

After the adjudication, the court must hold another hearing called the disposition. This is where the court will determine if the child is considered a delinquent and whether the child needs guidance, treatment, or distribution. The court may also order restitution, place the child on probation, or commit the child to the Department of Juvenile Services.

Contact Our Experienced Annapolis Juvenile Crimes Attorney

If your child has been charged with committing a juvenile offense in the state of Maryland, it is critical that they retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. With so much of your child’s future on the line, it is important to have a legal team that can effectively represent their interests and will fight to protect their future. We understand how challenging this time can be for the entire family but rest assured, you can count on us to act as an advocate for your child. Contact the Law Office of Debra A. Saltz today for strong legal representation when it matters most.

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