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How Can I Fight Drug Trafficking Charges in Maryland?

When arrested for drug trafficking, you may think there are no possible defenses. There are a number of reasons that someone can beat or evade drug trafficking charges. If you’re facing these charges, you’ll want to keep reading to learn how a Maryland drug crimes lawyer can help you navigate these charges. What Constitutes Drug […]

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What Factors Influence the Severity of a Felony Charge in Maryland?

Whether you’re guilty or not, facing a felony charge is not something to take lightly. These charges can impact every facet of your life, from employment opportunities to strained relationships with friends and family. It’s necessary to understand the implications of an offense and the factors that can influence the outcome. Keep reading to learn […]

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How Will a DUI Affect My Insurance Rates in Maryland?

Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is a serious crime that comes with severe consequences. While many understand the criminal aspect, others may not understand the financial impacts this choice can have on your life. One of the most significant impacts is on your insurance rates, which can cause intense financial strain. Whether […]

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What Happens if I’m Caught Texting and Driving in Maryland?

As technology becomes more ingrained in our everyday lives, texting and driving has become extremely common. Though it doesn’t seem like a big deal, distracted driving is dangerous and, if caught, can land you in trouble. Understanding the penalties for texting and driving is vital if facing this violation. Keep reading to learn more about […]

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How Often Does Distracted Driving Cause Accidents?

Distracted driving has increased significantly over the past few decades with the implementation of cell phones in everyday life. Many assume that cellphone use is the only form of distracted driving. Unfortunately, inattentive drivers are extremely common due to the numerous ways someone can be distracted when behind the wheel. Keep reading to learn more […]

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Will I Go to Jail for a First-Offense DUI in Maryland?

What started out as a fun night with friends can quickly become a nightmare when you get pulled over by the police after leaving the bar. Despite feeling okay before getting behind the wheel, the officer informs you that you are over the legal limit. When it’s a first-offense DUI, you may think you can […]

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What Are the Different Kinds of Burn Injuries?

Though everyone will sustain a minor burn injury from cooking or hot liquids at some point, these can be small inconveniences. When you endure a burn on a large scale, however, it can have life-changing effects. Keep reading to learn how these burn injuries happen and how a Maryland personal injury attorney can help you […]

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What Age Group Causes the Most Car Accidents?

When driving, you often worry about who’s on the road around you. However, some drivers are more likely to be involved in car accidents as they are at an increased risk due to certain conditions. If you’re unsure what age groups are most likely to cause an accident, you’ll want to keep reading to learn […]

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What Should I Know About Field Sobriety Tests in Maryland?

When a driver is pulled over for suspected drunk driving, the law enforcement officer may ask them to participate in a series of physical tests known as field sobriety tests. This is done to determine if the individual is intoxicated. The results of these tests can be used to charge and convict a driver of […]

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