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The state of Maryland, like the rest of the country, has a unique set of firearm regulations. The Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms and many people feel as though these rights should not be infringed. With that said, individual states have created a complex set of restrictions and requirements to try and make firearm possession safe. In Maryland, firearm laws differ depending on the category in which the gun falls. Long guns, like rifles and shotguns, have a much different set of rules than handguns, like pistols, do.

Long Gun Regulations

Rifles and shotguns are considered “long guns” because of the length of the barrel in comparison to handguns. If a person in the state of Maryland wishes to own or carry a long gun, they do not need a license. Maryland residents are not required to obtain a purchase permit or register these weapons. It is important to note that semi-automatic rifles (capable of holding more than 10 rounds) and high capacity magazines have been banned in Maryland since 2013.

Handgun Regulations

Compared to rifles and shotguns, the rules of obtaining or owning a handgun are much stricter. In order to purchase a handgun, a Maryland resident must obtain a handgun qualification license. These weapons can only be carried on one’s person by people who have obtained a carry permit. Additionally, all handguns in the state of Maryland must be registered.

Who can obtain a firearm?

Even though obtaining certain types of firearms is easier than obtaining others, the state of Maryland does not allow some groups of people to have any access to these weapons. This includes fugitives, convicted felons, anyone who has been convicted of a violent crime, people under the age of 21, anyone who has spent at least 30 days in a mental institution. There are also restrictions for certain person with drug or alcohol problems.

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