Other Matters

The Law Offices of Debra A. Saltz, LLC takes on miscellaneous matters that do not fall into any one category. These can arise from a variety of circumstances including criminal, family, and civil proceedings.

I examine these issues carefully to provide aggressive and results-oriented representation. My goal is to offer informed decision-making as you face these challenges while making sure your rights are protected.

Other Matters

These matters often include:

Juvenile Proceedings

The juvenile court system is different than the adult criminal system in its procedure and as it focuses more on rehabilitation versus punishment. There is often some overlap from family law too as separating parents struggle with their high-risk children. My experience includes this area and prepares me to act as a strong advocate for your child.

Bond Hearings

Without appropriate representation at your bond hearing, you may not benefit from pre-trial release. That disrupts your life and may be traumatic, especially if you are unable to work. I represent defendants to assure fair standards when they are considered for release on bond.

Protective and Restraining Orders

Whether you require protection from a stalker or abuser or are the accused, a protective or restraining order has significant benefits and consequences. Always contact 911 if you are feeling threatened. A consultation with the Law Offices of Debra A. Saltz, LLC should be your next call.


Sometimes removing a past offense makes a big difference in securing employment or adequate housing. Your record may qualify for expungement but you will not know unless you consult with an attorney first.

If you face other matters stemming from the criminal or civil system, contact the Law Offices of Debra A. Saltz, LLC to schedule a free consultation in Ellicott City or Annapolis. I handle case throughout Central Maryland.